Chapter 9 page 3

Rose and Mildred look up as they hear other technicians talking behind a glass partition. The new Shining Prince gladiatorbot emerges from behind the glass. He has short blue hair with long bangs falling into his eyes, and is dressed in embroidered blue robes. He looks like a doll with delicate facial features, eyes hooded with long lashes, and no expression on his face.
Technician: OK—Shining Prince, full dress walk test one. Please proceed normally to the marker at the end of the hall.
Rose: The design team sure pulled out all the stops! 
Mildred: Right?

Special feature: SpiderForest 2021 Comics of the Week is A Dash of Humor. A pair of fantasy stories with zany adventures and gentle genre-poking fun!

Huzzah – Gus and his niece Lily just wanted to build a nice family inn and tavern… but their clientele isn’t exactly what they were thinking…
Fate – A tale of friendship, adventure, magic demons… and a grumpy dustbunny who wants nothing to do with any of it!

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