Chapter 9 page 20

Two messagebot maijis, one with a hat and robe and the other a normal one, greet each other as they flutter around shots of the two princes in their daily routine. The Shining Prince gets diagnostics done and reads a book that says “Pancakes 1100101 while the maiji looks on. Yùzǐ flips pancakes in the Kansa Food Services Division Test Kitchen and leans against a stack of folded laundry chatting with the fancily-dressed maiji. The two majlis appear at the end separately prepping a scroll and a folded piece of paper.
9.1 More letters
Messagebot maijis: *fwip fwip fwip* (Haroo) *fwip fwip fwip*
Shining Prince: They have us repeat / arcs of stories endlessly. / Still they are amused?
Yùzǐ: What, you mean the fighting, the making up, then more fighting? Guess it’s like a recipe. You know it tastes good, you follow it, it works. Once you got it down, you can freestyle—mix up the details, come up with new stuff too. Like pancakes! Morio’s been showin’ me. You know how many different ways you can do pancakes??? Blows my mind!!!!!!!!

Shining Prince: Forgive me, I know / neither the name “Morio”, / nor of these “pancakes”.
Yùzǐ: He’s a friend of mine. You should visit, I’ll introduce you to all the cool peeps. And what?? You don’t know what pancakes are??? My shiny dude, you need to ask for an update on your foundational knowledge bank!!!

Shining Prince: I did some research. / Cakes in a pan. It makes sense. / They are round and flat.
Yùzǐ: Yeah those ones!! We’ll make you some when you come!! Get your shiny self ready for a bonafide pancake extravaganza!!

Shining Prince: An offer most kind. / Thank you. I will visit soon / with snacks and laundry.
Yùzǐ: Whoohoo!! Bring lots of both!!

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