Chapter 9 page 2

A person with tightly cropped hair waves at a coworker, a black woman in a turtleneck with narrow clear cat eye glasses and a tapered afro. They cheerfully greet each other, then go for coffee and chat as they walk past other employees.
?: Rose! Welcome back from mat leave! 
Rose: Mildred!
I tried to stay away from any work-related news, but the Prince’s retirement was everywhere!
Mildred: No kidding! It threw us all for a loop. But we recently activated his replacement! You’re assigned to him starting today.
Rose: Oh? What’s the persona?
Mildred: The “Shining Prince”.
Rose: Does that mean he hits on everybody?
Mildred: No, no. But…
Rose: But what?
Mildred: You’ll see.

Author’s note: I did an interview about Now Recharging with Ink, Sweat and Tears! You can read more about the making of this webcomic, my inspirations, who I find hard to draw, and more 😀 Check it out here!

Many thanks to M. Sorcier, who is also the creator of two webcomics – Sacrimony: A Tale of Love, Life and Death – In No Particular Order and The Misadventures of Buddy and Friend!

♥ Maiji (Feb 4, 2021)

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