Chapter 9 page 19

The messagebot maiji pulls out a handmade paper fan and other items while the Shining Prince watches. At the final item, the Shining Prince smiles a shy, genuine smile.
Message on fan: HEY NOW
*Messagebot maiji flips the fan over*
P.S. Feel free to ask questions any time.
P.P.S. Come visit us! Stay shinny(crossed out) shiny! 
Cheers from Kansa cleaning services
1 2 3 4 5 + Yùzǐ
*Messagebot maiji hands over coupon for “1st article of clothing cleaned for free”*
[And that is how two princes began their correspondence.]
(Chapter 9 end.)

Author’s notes: A brief reflection on recent news. As an Asian creator who immigrated to Canada at a very young age, who is inspired by and also incorporates many aspects of Asian culture and philosophy into my work, a lot is hitting super close to home and breaking my heart. I’ve made donations to CanadaHelps’ Asian Solidarity Fund and Anti-Racism Fund, and I’m continuing to do what I love and supporting what I believe in, which is that openness and respectful sharing of different cultures and backgrounds enriches and makes our existence colourful and wonderful. Please support your local Asian community – creators, small businesses, charitable organizations, and more – in the ways that you can. It’s both big and little things, what people think and say and do – that help create a positive, welcoming environment and hopeful future. Thank you all so much, and please stay safe.

♥ Maiji (April 5, 2021)

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