Chapter 9 page 14

The messagebot maiji offers the fan and flowers to Yùzǐ, who is surprised. He excitedly accepts and reads out the message.
Yùzǐ: Eh? For me?
Messagebot maiji: *nod*
Yùzǐ: Cool! I never seen a message like this!
“Greetings from one Prince / to another—one shining, / one a bit rusty.”
*slams the fan on the ground*
He called me rusty??? I’ll kick his sparkling hiney that motherboard-crashing son of a switch
Sanbao: *picking up the fan with the vacuum pipe* *tonhk* Neato! Smack talk!

Author’s notes: A while back I finished a fun Now Recharging illustration called “Everybody!” but couldn’t post it till now. Please check it out here!

♥ Maiji (March 18, 2021)

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