Chapter 9 page 12

Yùzǐ explains, showing Emmie images of the Prince and the Shining Prince glaring at each other, then fighting, then hugging with hearts floating around them. Meanwhile, Morio relieves Yùzǐ of the clothing on his head.
Yùzǐ: People wanna see drama!
We start by insulting each other. *rude gesture* Then we have a feud and we FIGHT! Then we become buddies
That’s how it works. People love it! It’s called a story arc!
Emmie: But it still sounds mean when you know you’re doing it.
Can’t you be buddies from the beginning?
Yùzǐ: I’m retired now, so we can do that.
Emmie: Good! That’s much nicer!

Author’s notes: Speaking of nice things, my lovely friend Rosanne is fundraising for cancer care and research! If you make a donation above $15, she’ll draw you a wonderful MS Paint doodle based on a prompt from you! They’re really impressive. For details and to see the art other people have gotten so far, take a look at her Twitter thread!

♥ Maiji (March 11, 2021)

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