Chapter 9 page 11

Yùzǐ, wearing a shirt that says (I’ll) Do Your Damn Laundry, gestures with his current prosthetic, a mechanical arm holding a laundry basket. He covers his head with the basket while making fun of the Shining Prince, dumping clothing on his head and the ground.
Yùzǐ: BOOORING. *yawwn* They couldn’t come up with a more original concept?
And he doesn’t even look that shiny. (bet he doesn’t even have LEDs! Ha ha ha ha ha ha) More like the Dim Prince if you ask me.
Emmie: Hey!! That’s mean!! (No mean here!!)
Yùzǐ: Naw, don’t get me wrong. I think he’s great! But that stuff’s what I’d say if I weren’t retired.
Emmie: You have to be mean?
Yùzǐ: It’s called heckling!

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