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The first technician rotates the computer screen to show his coworker the progress. She immediately notices something with his data entry. The two of them argue and the first technician pulls out a mobile device to prove his assumptions. It backfires.
Start up tech 2: Why’s it say THAT?
Tech 1: What?
Tech 2: “Shining Prince”? It’s supposed to be the “Fragrant Captain”!
Tech 1: What are you talking about? Says right here the persona is based on the protagonist of the Tale of Gen—
“—ji’s final thirteen chapters…”
There’s more than one protagonist…?
Tech 2: This is why you don’t assume you know everything from mainstream media!!

Author’s notes: The version of the Tale of Genji we have today consists of 54 chapters. 1 to 41 revolve around the romantic and political adventures of Hikaru Genji, the “Shining Prince”, plus a mysteriously blank chapter that only has a title. Chapters 42 onwards focus on one of Genji’s heirs: Kaoru no Chujo, “The Fragrant Captain”, supposedly Genji’s youngest son, who has a rather different personality. Chapters 45 to 54, known as the Uji chapters, are considered a self-contained story and have a very different structure and mood from the rest of the work. Not surprisingly, some scholars believe the Uji Chapters were actually written by someone else, Murasaki Shikibu’s daughter Daini no Sanmi being a top candidate.

♥ Maiji (January 11, 2021)

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