Chapter 7 page 95

As the Dark Warrior approaches, the black line on his face covering disintegrates and forms into other shapes and letters. After communicating in this way to assess Emmie and Morio's statuses, he moves on. They stare as he leaves.
Dark Warrior of the North: [VIP?]
Emmie: Uh, yeah! We wanna meet the Prince! You’re super cool too!
Dark Warrior of the North: [*thumbs up and smiley face emojis* Have a nice day]

Author’s notes: We’re living through something remarkable right now. There are so few things that are shared experiences regardless of interest, age, gender, background, geography, and all those things that typically separate us. COVID-19 is just that. It’s on the minds of practically every single person on the planet.

The news is relentless. You want to stay objective and informed, but you also don’t want it to overwhelm and paralyze you. I hope you can find all the little things that shine through to help keep you going. I’ve seen stuff that makes me want to shake my head or cry, but also stories that move me so much I can’t help but be inspired. You really can see the best and worst of humanity at times like these, and be truly reminded that, ultimately, we’re in this existence together.

Sending out a lot of good thoughts to everyone as we all do our best, wherever we are. Please take care, be kind, practice social distancing to help flatten the curve, and stay safe!

♥ Maiji (March 23, 2020)

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