Chapter 7 page 90

Emmie retells their adventures to Morio while making expressive, sweeping gestures that the little one copies. Emmie raises one hand, about to transfer the photo with the Lord of the Earth to Morio, when the little one pats them on the face to get their attention.
Emmie: I went to the Arena basement by accident! I met the Radiant Bird!
They’re a really nice gladiatorbot who has a glowing head and a broom!
They had a bad accident and don’t know they exist anymore but they took me to Mister Lord Earth for help!
Mister Lord Earth is the other super important gladiatorbot Sibao mentioned! He’s really really big!! Like, SUPER giant!
And he has no head! Actually he does, but it’s in maintenance.
We talked for a long time and I told him about my jobs and my friends and you and us being family and he said it would be good for us to meet the Prince!
And I got a signed picture for Sibao! And then he lifted me up out of the basement so that I could come find you! And
Little one: *pat*
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