Chapter 7 page 89

 Emmie runs towards Morio and they have a tearful reunion. The little one mimics Emmie's gestures.
Emmie: Morio!!
Morio: Are you all right?
Emmie: hugging Morio tightly I’m fine! I’m so sorry!!! (sob sob I’m the worst!!)
Morio: I’m very glad you’re all right.
Emmie: grabbing Morio’s hand and dragging them off Let’s go see the show!!
Morio: The show is over.
Emmie: covering their eyes Oh no!! We missed it ’cause of me!!
Morio: It’s all right. Fighting makes me nervous. Where did you go?
Emmie: I…

Author’s notes: Morio’s original line in the second panel was “I’m glad you’re all right. Please don’t cry.” (You can still see it in some of the preview screencaps floating around on my social media). The “Please don’t cry” bothered me a lot when I originally finalized this page and posted this page – it was a knee-jerk line that sounded funny, but didn’t really fit his character. Plus, being able to cry is important! Finally I removed it, and feel much better about it. It’s not the first time this has happened; in Chapter 3, when Morio is sitting with Ann, I originally had more dialogue for him but then eliminated them. Sometimes you don’t need to say so much.

♥ Maiji (March 18, 2020)

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