Chapter 7 page 79

Emmie is moved by the story of what happened to the Radiant Bird and tries not to cry. The little ones flock close, giving Emmie lots of tiny hugs.
The Lord of the Earth: There were no serious injuries in the audience thanks to the Radiant Bird’s efforts, but the Radiant Bird was heavily damaged. They have not been the same since. As you noticed, they are unable to acknowledge their own existence.
Emmie: I’m sorry… Accidents… are sad…
The Lord of the Earth: Yes. They can be.

Author’s notes: New illustration – Dark Warrior / Radiant Bird.

Happy Lunar New Year! You may have already noticed, but the bonus comics and gallery pages are now up! *points at the navigation currently at the top of the site* I’m slowly migrating extras over. Hope you enjoy them!

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