Chapter 7 page 73

The Lord of the Earth learns about Emmie’s friends. Emmie shares Sibao’s binder with the Lord of the Earth, who flips through it while little ones clamber on his fingers to check it out.
The Lord of the Earth: Is Sibao one of your friends?
Emmie: Yeah! He’s a laundrybot at Kansa and he’s really into gladiatorbots! 
He lent me all his trading cards to help me get to know everyone when I came! See?
The Lord of the Earth: That is most generous of him. Did he come to the Arena with you?
Emmie: No, he said he’d rather watch it on TV. I came with Morio!
The Lord of the Earth: Is Morio another friend of yours?
Emmie: Yeah! We’re both M-series. We’re like family!
[Emmie and the Lord of the Earth chatted in this way for a while, and time quickly flew by…]
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