Chapter 7 page 69

Emmie exchanges greetings with the Lord of the Earth, and is introduced to many new friends.
Emmie: …umm… Can I call you Mister Lord Earth? 
The Lord of the Earth: Certainly. And what shall I call you, little one?
Emmie: I’m Emmie! (Nice to meet you Mister Lord Earth!) *shake shake – shaking the Lord of the Earth’s index finger* And it’s OK if you call me little, you are super giant compared to me!
The Lord of the Earth: The pleasure is mine, little Emmie. These little ones are also delighted to meet you.
[*peek* – tiny figure peers out of the Lord of the Earth’s sleeve]

Author’s notes: Wishing you all a safe, wonderful holiday full of time for yourself and the people you care about!

♥ Maiji (December 23, 2019)

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