Chapter 7 page 68

Emmie learns the identity of the giant headless robot.
Emmie: Wh… who are you??
?: These days I am most often called the Lord of the Earth.
(Flashback Sibao: *viiiibrrrattte*“The Lady of the Sea and the Lord of the Earth are two of the highest-ranking gladiatorbots!!”) 
Emmie: …Oh!! *fwip fwip fwip fwip fwip – sound of flipping through the trading card binder* Ooh, Sibao’s missing your card!
[receipt printout in card slot reads: The Lord of the Earth card goes here!!! Thank you for using Kansa Laundromat]
The Lord of the Earth: I understand my card is only available as a special event prize.
Emmie: Oh well! But now I know what you look like! Sort of…
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