Chapter 7 page 66

The light reveals a giant, seated humanoid robot with no head. The robot is dressed similar to a Buddhist monk and holds a staff in one hand and a glowing orb in the other.
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Author’s notes: Yay! I’m done! This marks where I finished migrating all the current pages! A huge thanks to the wonderful Atorier for basically making and setting up this site so that all I had to do was upload things like a machine, haha. Too bad I couldn’t post that work to the runlist for Emmie to do for me…

I’m continuing to slowly migrate alt text/transcripts (still deciding how best to do this to support more user-friendliness and accessibility, and you might notice some experiments/updates over the next while!) and supplementary content.

Hope you enjoy the new!

♥ Maiji (December 15, 2019)

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