Chapter 7 page 40

Emmie struggles with a word on the card and shows it to Morio. The Magnolia General turns out to be a centaur, with magnolia flowers all over their long tail.
Morio: That gladiatorbot seems very popular.
Emmie: “Her story is a moving tale of fff…” Filly… flee-o…
Morio: Filial piety.
Emmie: Yeah! Filly-o pie-tee!
…What does that mean?
Morio: It means the loyalty and devotion of a child to their parent.
Does the card say why half of her is a horse?
(The Magnolia General: Thank you, thank you)
Emmie: No, but probably because it’s cool! I bet Wren would like her a lot!
Oops! Should we be saying “her”? What if we give away her true identity??
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