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Illustrated how-to instructions of Emmie, Yùzǐ and Morio demonstrating how to make knit glove bunny puppets.
7.2 Bunny Puppets
Emmie: Hi everybody! 
Yùzǐ: Yo! 
(Morio: Hello.)
Emmie: Today we’re gonna learn how to make bunny puppets with knit gloves!
*Morio holding a basket of knit gloves*
(The author learned how to do this when she was real little!)
*Morio putting on one glove*
1) First, you put on one of the knit gloves.
2)Then take the other knit glove and poke the middle finger in.
3) With your hand that is wearing the knit glove, poke your middle finger into the gap. 
*Emmie helping Yùzǐ with the second glove*
4) Fold the other glove into your palm. The index and ring fingers of the empty glove go next to your middle finger to form the ears and head.
5) Now wrap the bottom of the glove you are wearing up and over where your thumb and little finger are. This makes the bunny’s body.
Emmie and Yùzǐ: YAAAAAY YOU DID IT!!!
Morio: You did it.

Author’s notes: All the rage at robot-run laundromats! 😀 I hope these instructions are clear enough to follow. It’s fun for kids and adults and great with gloves of all kinds of colours and patterns. Making one of these soft little guys never fails to put a smile on my face. May your bunny puppet cheer you up and boost your inner strength!

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