Chapter 7 page 158

The Dark Warrior turns his head, and the symbol on his face cover changes into emoji in response. The Radiant Bird beams and claps their hands delightedly.
Dark Warrior: *check box emoji*
Radiant Bird: Hurray! *whirrrr* I’m so glad that we get to start the same day! We can be Arena buddies!
Dark Warrior: *blushing smiling emoji*

Author’s notes: The SpiderForest Threads: Secret Places Kickstarter that I mentioned last week launched two additional updates. One is a new commissions reward tier featuring custom art by me! 😀 The other is a free raffle that features one of my favourite local “secret places”, a lovely stationery shop called Paper Plus Cloth. You get a chance to win one of two $25 CAD digital gift cards just by tweeting about the Kickstarter!

Full details are here!

♥ Maiji (October 29, 2020)

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