Chapter 7 page 154

The laundrybots look up in surprise. The Prince, right arm terminated above the elbow and capped with a clear covering, jumps into view cheerfully.
Sibao: Huh?
Erbao: Eh?
Ibao: Hmm?
Sanbao: Wha?
Prince: HEY GUYS!! Guess who’s the new Kansa cleaning services trainee!!! (TAAAA DAAAA) Show me the ropes!! Again!!!
Wubao: It’s the Prince!
Laundrybots: Whaaa!! It’s the Prince!!
Prince: Guys, that’s my stage name! You can call me Yùzǐ!

Author’s notes: Yùzǐ (玉子 – literally, “jade child”) tofu is egg tofu. In other words, it’s not really tofu. Incidentally, it is a single dot off from the Chinese characters for “prince”, 王子. I used this joke in another comic, “The Terribly Traumatic Tale of Prince Tofu”, that was part of a group anthology of silly food-related stories called This Tastes Funny back in 2012. Many thanks to my mom for being the inspiration!

See the backstory here from the author’s notes of “Prince Tofu”.
My family and I were ordering from the menu at a Chinese restaurant.
1) Family dinner: Me, sis, grandpa, dad, my mom looking at the menu.
2) My mom: What’s “Prince Tofu”?
3) My dad: That’s Yùzi tofu (Chinese-style egg tofu)
4) My mom missed the dot on the character for “jade”, reading it as the character for “king”
5) Me: Ha ha ha I’m eating royalty / My mom: Stop making fun of your mom
6) Me, in the backseat of the car: Good night sweet prince om nom nom / My mom, in the passenger seat: Stop it

♥ Maiji (October 15, 2020)

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