Chapter 7 page 150

The Lord of the Earth also chimes in remotely from his location. Everyone raises their voices to cheer the Prince on in his decision.
The Lord of the Earth: I think taking leave is a good idea.
The Lady of the Sea: I am not surprised that the Lord of the Earth would agree.
I believe it’s time for our Prince to have a change of scenery.
Other gladiatorbots: We wish you well!
(You’ll kick butt at whatever you decide to do! Figuratively!!)
(We’ll miss you!) (Visit us sometimes!)
If you ever change your mind, there’s always a place for you here!
(Yeah! For sure! Absolutely!)

Author’s notes: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! It’s a beautiful time for admiring the full moon and eating lots of good food with people you care about. May you be blessed with that in your life!

And here’s an illustration of appropriate gladiatorbots looking way cooler than they ever do in the actual comic!

♥ Maiji (October 1, 2020)

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