Chapter 7 page 128

The Prince is impressed by Kansa laundromat’s reputation. Emmie shares more unexpected information.
Prince: Bleep yeah! I heard you guys are one of the top-rated laundromats in town! That’s why you recently added a fifth unit, ‘cause there was so much demand!
Wubao: *blush*
Prince: And your folding output is top 10 in the city! And your error rate is one of the lowest around! Five stars at Blep Reviews online! And and and
Erbao: Where’d you hear all that?
Morio: We talked a lot on the way here.
Emmie: And Sibao’s learning to do backflips too!!
Sibao: (WHAT) Well… I can’t actually backflip all the way yet… I still only land on my back… or top…
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