Chapter 7 page 115

The Crescent Asura follows the Lord of the Earth’s direction and the Prince cheers in excitement before turning to Emmie and Morio.
Crescent Asura: In that case, it is fine.
Prince: WHOO HOO!!!
Emmie and Morio: ????????
Prince: It’s OK if I hang out with you guys right? DJ gave it the A-OK!
Emmie: Wow, really?? Sure!! 
Morio: That would be very nice.
Crescent Asura: One location only, and then you are to come straight back to the Arena.
Prince: *not listening* You’ve seen my peeps, where can we go to meet yours?

Author’s notes: Happy first day of June. I hope you are all doing well! You may have seen it already if you follow me on other social media channels, but I shared some photos of Now Recharging printed vol 1 and 2 the other day! It’ll be a while before I can reopen my online store due to the current pandemic situation, but it’s just really exciting to see them!

♥ Maiji (June 1, 2020)

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