Chapter 7 page 11

Sibao elaborates on his passion for gladiatorbots. Everyone gets a quick lesson on power ratings in Now Recharging. Fara counts as N/A, Emmie lifting a dumpster is a C, and Morio A is an A.
Emmie: You really like the Prince, huh, Sibao?
Sibao: Yeah! I like all the gladiatorbots! They’re super cool and powerful! Not like us Cheng Power Class nobodies!
Ibao: Hey, nothing wrong with being an N/A. It’s relaxing.
Sibao: Yeah, Ibao, you’re right. But I just like saying “Cheng Power Class nobody”.

[Cheng Power Class or Scale: A general rating system that ranks physical factors related to power, e.g., strength, speed, energy generation, etc. Ratings can be given for specific factors, or used as an approximate average. A rating measurement must be sustained for minimum X period of time under controlled conditions. It is possible for a robot to surpass its measured peak outside of a lab during real-world performance.

Very rough approximations*
N/A: No notable capability in this factor, e.g., robot is immobile. Examples: appliances, toys, some therapybots.
E: Below ability of average adult human.
D: Comparable to average adult human.
C: Similar to or just beyond peak human performance.
B: Like a car.
A: Big trucks, earthmoving/demolition equipment.
S: Planes, ships, ???
Z: Too scary!!!
X: Placeholder, just in case. Haha.

*Creator reserves the right to change mind.]
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