Chapter 6 page 32

Susan makes a green leaf. Emmie makes a green blob with a happy face and two nubs on either side of its head. Susan attaches the leaf to one side of the ring. Emmie stacks the second blob on top of the first “Mister Bug” blob and presents it proudly to Susan.
Susan: Let’s make something to represent ourselves too. 
I’m a leaf. I love how they change colours.
Emmie: Susan is a weef.
Susan: Yup, that’s me. What are you?
Emmie: Emmie is a sheep baaa.
Susan: Aww! Baaa. 
Susan: They were a big part of our lives. So let’s connect them to us.
See, I attached the leaf to the ring.
Emmie: Emmie an Meester Baaa-g
Susan: Oh, that’s clever. Baaa and bug!
Emmie: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagg
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