Chapter 6 page 26

Susan leans over and gentle pulls Emmie’s hands down from their face. As she explains, the scene flashes back to Mister Bug’s crushed body, then various reachers at the Institute analyzing the components, running scans, and attempting to reassemble Mister Bug. Finally, they give Susan the bad news. The technician lady who had scanned Emmie puts a hand on Susan’s shoulder, giving her support.
Susan: No, I don’t think Mister Bug is mad at you. And he’s not hiding.
He was crushed into lots of very tiny pieces.
You saw him, right?
Emmie: Yaw.
Susan: Do you remember I said we would fix him?
Emmie: Yeh.
Susan: We took him to the technicians, and they tried everything.
But Mister Bug is so small and he was crushed so badly that too many parts had to be replaced. And they couldn’t put him back together and make him work again. 
We couldn’t fix Mister Bug. I’m so sorry, Emmie.
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