Chapter 6 page 23

Emmie lifts their head, the paper falling off. Susan is surprised at Emmie’s answer. Emmie gestures as they explain, their arms making a wiggling motion and drawing a loopy flightpath in the air.
Emmie: Meester Bug. *skrump*
Susan: The new drone is doing Mister Bug’s job, but he’s not Mister Bug.
Emmie: Yah I know is naw Meester Bug.
Susan: You know it’s not Mister Bug? How did you know?
Emmie: *wiggle* Meester Bug fwie wiggwee. *crump* Naw wiggwee. *wiggle*
Susan: It’s not Mister Bug because it’s not flying wiggly.
Emmie: *wiggle wiggle wiggle*
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