Chapter 6 page 18

Susan chats with her coworker about her anxieties. Her coworker - Adam - indicates his support, and attempts to crack a joke before Susan stops him and sends him on an errand.
Susan: You’d think we’d be better at talking about stuff like this, considering it’s one of the few things in the universe every single one of us has to do.
Coworker: You’d think…
….but every single one of us only does it once. If you need a little help, don’t hesitate to ask. Takes a village to raise an android, right?
Susan: Thanks. I just need to find a good time to bring it up. For me, as much as for Emmie.
At least I’m pretty confident that Emmie’s not going to renounce the world and run off to a monastery. 
Coworker: Hah! I remember hearing about that M-series back when I was an intern. Well, I for one welcome—
Susan: OK, Adam, before I’m forced to listen to jokes about Buddhist robot overlords, I think there is something you could help me with.
Adam: Aww. Sure, what is it?
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