Chapter 6 page 13

The Director gives Susan a look. Susan apologizes nervously. The Director smiles and reassures her. Outside, Emmie looks up at the sky, Ranran in their arms.
Susan: *sweat* Sorry. That outburst was totally thoughtless of me. I know those kinds of statements like being “human” or not are technically unquantifiable and basically pointless in our work— 
Director: Not at all.
Of course I’d rather not turn our chat into some grad student’s long-winded philosophy thesis, but it’d be silly to pretend something we call “human-ness” isn’t part of the equation.
M-E3 is a continuous learning model living in an environment for humans, interacting constantly with humans. You’re human. What’s your biggest worry?
That Emmie will respond like a human and you won’t know what to do?
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