Chapter 5 page 50

Morio stares in wonder at the rock in Emmie’s hand. Emmie looks closely at it themselves, and their expression grows wistful. Morio makes a suggestion and gets to his feet. Emmie looks up, and quickly grows excited. Morio begins bringing over books for Emmie. Emmie cheers while clutching a book titled “Rocks Rock!”
Morio: …
Emmie: …
Morio: Is everything all right?
Emmie: *staaare* …I really really like this one…
Morio: You could start a collection with it. I can help you find something to keep all of them in. It will look very nice.
Emmie: Oooh! That’s a good idea! OK~! 
Morio: Here are some books so you can learn about the rocks and label them. We can borrow more from the library.
Emmie: *holding a book that says “Rocks Rock!”* Yaaay! Whoohoo! Yaay—
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