Chapter 5 page 5

Morio places a plate full of cookies on the table. Emmie notices and snacks away happily. When the plate is empty, Morio takes it away. Emmie tries to focus on their work but ends up asking lots of questions.
*homemade robot snacks*
*nom nom yum!
Emmie: (Focus, M-E3…!)
Emmie: Ummm… How do you spell “budget”?
Morio: B-U-D-G-E-T.
Emmie: Yay! Thanks!
Morio: You’re very welcome.
Emmie: What’s miss… misk… missklan…?
Morio: Miscellaneous. It means mixed things.
Emmie: Thanks!
Um, do you have a ruler?
Morio: Here you go.
Emmie: Thanks! Ummm, where are my receipts?
Morio: I put them in this drawer.
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