Chapter 5 page 41

The baby goat wags its tail at Fara. Fara is greatly moved by Emmie’s explanation of the present. The goat opens its mouth and bleats directly in Emmie’s face, blowing their hair back. It continues bleating and running around the projection area behind the Guest Services counter. The evening encroaches upon the city.
Goat: *wag wag*
Fara: …
Emmie: I donated to a charity in your name to help out a bunch of families who need a hand! (They give you a goat simulation game!) You always help people so now you’re helping people who are far away too! (And you get a friend!)
Fara: Emmie, that is… so sweet of you. Thank you!
Goat: aAAAA
Fara: (What should I name my goat?)
Emmie: (How about Frannie?)
Goat: aAAAaAAa *frolic frolic*
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