Chapter 5 page 26

Emmie heads through the main entrance of the Fair Day mall, with only a few other people there at this early time. Fara greets Emmie, who leans against the Guest Services counter and rests their head on it in a depressed manner. Emmie bemoans their recent argument with Morio, causing Fara to jump to conclusions and panic briefly.
Fara: Welcome to Fair Day! Oh, hello, Emmie! …What’s wrong? 
Emmie: I found out Morio’s paying me more for housekeeping than I’m paying for rent!! And then I yelled at him!! And went to my room and slammed a door!!
Fara: Oh… oh dear!! *partly responsible* Did you run away from home?? Oh wait, Ranran isn’t here, so probably not… *Most important thing*
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