Chapter 4 page 9

Emmie throws their arms out, dropping Ranran. They pump their arms and legs in excitement. One of the technicians, a cheerful woman with an afro, clears things up for Susan. The conversation inspires Emmie to go off on another yelling tangent, arms flailing.
Emmie: Emmie pizza!
Susan: Huh? 
Emmie: Emmie pizza!
Susan: What are you talking about, Emmie?
(Emmie: *pump pump*  Emmieee pizzaaaa)
Susan: The technicians did have pizza last week, but…
Technician: I was just explaining to Emmie that the imaging system will capture a picture of them in slices. They started comparing it to pizza slices.
Susan: Oh! Nice connection, Emmie! But…
It’s dimensional imaging, not flat. So pepperoni slices would be a more accurate comparison, wouldn’t it?
Emmie: Pappuoni? Pappuoni!
(Emmie: EMMIE PAPPUONIIIIIII *flaaiiiiil*
Susan: Uh… 
Technician: Hahaha)
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