Chapter 7 page 105

Crescent Asura steps in to explain. Emmie is very impressed by the Prince’s custom feature and thinks it’s fun.
Crescent Asura: It’s censored profanity.
Emmie: Ohhh!! Like “shit”! 
Prince: Ohhh!! You said the word!!
Emmie: The Prince can’t swear?
Crescent Asura: The Prince can’t control it very well. To be safe, the technicians patched it for live broadcasts.
(Prince: *nod nod* Yeah yeah something like that)
Emmie: You really can’t swear?? Like shit shit shit
Prince: Bleep bleep bleep. You little show off
Morio: Emmie, you are supposed to watch your language.
Emmie (Hahaha) I wish I auto-bleeped when I swore!
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