Chapter 4 page 10

Susan looks down at Emmie, who is lying on their back on a bed-like scanning table, their head hugged by a cushion. The table advances into the tunnel of the scanner. The technician running the scanning process gives Emmie a playful play-by-play over the intercom of what the machine is doing. Emmie thumps their foot excitedly, disrupting the scanning process.
Susan: All right, Emmie. Be a good pepperoni and don’t move. I’ll be right here.
Emmie: OK~
Technician: Here goes the pepperoni train into the tunnel! Choo choo~!
Emmie: Too too! Whee!
Technician: Positioning subject M-E3 for imaging.
Initializing imaging. Scanning in 3… 2…1…
Emmie: …
Too too!! Emmie pappuoni!! *thump thump*
Technician: —Whoops! Resetting…
Susan: Emmie! Don’t wriggle!!
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