Chapter 3 page 9

Emmie presses the doorbell and waves to Hana peering out the upstairs window. George gets the door while Wren excitedly dashes up with a piece of paper for Emmie. It’s a drawing of Miss Princess Turtle and CinderEmmie in their ballroom dress.
*ding DONGGG*
Emmie: Good morning!!
Hana: Dear, it’s Emmie!
George: Hey Emmie! 
(Emmie: Hiiiii George!!)
George: Wren, Emmie’s here!
(Wren: YAAAY)
George: Wren’s been bursting all weekend with stories to share with you!
Emmie: (Oooh!) What’s this?
(Wren: Emmie Emmie!! Look what I made~!)
Emmie: Is that me and Miss Princess Turtle??
Wren: *nod nod nod*
Emmie: We look so good!! You gotta tell me all about it!!
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