Chapter 3 page 43

Felipe is eating lunch with several other construction workers and calls Morio over to ask about Emmie. It turns out there are some gaps in Felipe’s knowledge, and he thinks Emmie is a tiny version of Morio A.
3.3 Missing Information
Felipe: Hey Morio!
How’s Emmie?
Morio: Emmie is very well. Thank you.
Felipe: That’s good! It’s great you found family! (It’s really cute, ha ha)
*Felipe’s image of Emmie, based on conversations with Morio*
[Mini earthmover]
“Emmie”: Hello! My name is Emmie! *dust dust* Little kids play with me! I can clean things too! I love sheep!
[“Emmie is smaller than I am.” “But bigger than, say, me?” “Emmie is smaller.” “Huh, OK.”]
[“Emmie is a newer M-series. Emmie has fluffy hair like sheep. Like you.”]
(Felipe: I have hair like sheep? What)
[“Emmie loves sheep. Emmie has a sheep backpack and sleeps with a stuffed sheep named Ranran.”]
(“Emmie”: zzzz)
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