Chapter 3 page 27

Mrs. G invites Emmie and Morio for a fancy afternoon tea - an idea illustrated with beautiful painted teaware, tiers of delectable finger foods and peonies strewn across the table. A messagebot maiji pops out of her phone as she schedules the meeting and hands Morio and Emmie tiny calendar dates. Mrs G departs, her shopping cart in tow, and her phone beeping with gameplay sound effects.
Mrs. G: You two should drop by sometime, we’ll have afternoon tea
…and we can go through my game collection! 
Emmie: Yayyy!
Morio: That would be very nice.
Mrs. G: Great, let’s set a date!
Maiji: *pop* (here you go…)
Mrs. G: Perfect!
Time to get home and rack up more points in Bawan Bashers! (Special event today! Triple the points!!) Toodles!
*Bip bip boop boop*
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