Chapter 3 page 26

The speaker turns out to be Mrs. G. She gives them a peace sign and shows off a bag of purchases that appear to be various jars and bottles.
Mrs. G: And my favourite big robot!
Emmie: Mrs. G!
Mrs. G: Yo! 
Morio: Hello, Mrs. G.
Mrs. G: How’s it going, Morio?
Emmie: You know Morio? Wow, Mrs. G, you know everybody!
Mrs. G: He’s been answering my runlist posts!
Guess my trick doesn’t work anymore… (Hmm…)
Emmie: ? ? Trick?
Mrs. G: (Hohoho) Never mind!
Morio: Were you shopping at the market?
Mrs. G: You betcha! *ta-da*
(Emmie: Oooh)
Mrs. G: Jams, jellies, teas, syrups!
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