Chapter 3 page 24

Emmie, stuttering with excitement, approaches the dog’s owner, a young woman, for permission to interact with the dog. The dog, Eunice showers Emmie with licks. Emmie encourages Morio, who seems a little tentative, to try as well. Eunice sniffs Morio’s hand, and gives him a friendly lick. He scratches her ear, smiling.
Emmie: Excuse me!
Can, can I, can I, touch, touch, the sheep, sheep doggy *hop hop*
Owner: … *sweat*
Go ahead! She’s very friendly. Her name is Eunice.
Sheep dog: *lick lick lick*
(Emmie: Uwaaaa *hearts*
Yoooo niss sheep doggy I looove yooooo *patta patta pat*
Owner: Hahaha)
Eunice: *lick lick lick* *wag wag*
Emmie: You wanna get a licking too?
(Come on! Come on!)
*sniff sniff* *lick*
*scratch scratch*
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