Chapter 3 page 21

Emmie, relieved, dashes towards Morio. Their energy is running out, however, and they collapse. Morio reaches out and catches them just in time. He grasps Emmie’s left hand with his own, and drains a bit of his own battery power to keep Emmie going.
Emmie: Morio!!
Morio: Hello, Emmie.
Emmie: Hooray!! *trot trot trot*
*blink blink blink blinkblinkblink* I fou n d y o u … *wobble*
Morio: !
Emmie: *tumble*
Morio: Are you all right?
Emmie: …I th i nk so… I j u s t  n e e d to cha r g e …
Morio: Give me your hand. I can give you a boost.
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