Chapter 3 page 14

George returns from work and Wren runs to him for a hug. Nanny shift now ended, Emmie stretches outside, getting ready for their second part-time job as a housekeeper. Before they can head home, they receive a message and invitation from Morio.
George: I’m home! Wheeere’s my little monkey?
Wren: Daddy! YOU’RE the monkey!!
George: Wow, Emmie, this place looks squeaky clean! Thanks for all your hard work today.
Emmie: No problem! I can’t wait to do cooking!
Emmie: Whew, what a productive day! Time to go home and clean the house and dust all the crystals~!
(Messagebot Maiji: Harroo!! Incoming)
Emmie: Oh!
*for Emmie*
Emmie: “Dear Emmie, I heard there is a festival and market that is running at the Art Park all this week. Here is the address. Would you like to go this afternoon? Sincerely, Morio.”
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