Chapter 3 page 13

Emmie notices the time and says goodbye to the laundrybots. They race back to the school to pick up Wren. Wren requests a piggyback ride on the walk back home.
Emmie: Ooh, time to pickup Wren! You guys have a super great day!! (Byebyeseeyoulater! *heart*)
(Laundrybots: You too! Bye Emmie!! Ciao! See ya)
[Welcome to Little Flower Elementary]
Emmie: Wren!
Wren: Emmie Emmie!
Emmie: How was school today? *high five*
Wren: It was really really good!
(Wren: And then we did this and then we did that and then and then
Emmie: Uh huh what’s that oooh)
Wren: Up! (Wheee)
Emmie: Hup!
(Wren: Look!
Emmie: It’s a birdie!)
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