Chapter 3 page 11

Emmie arrives at the Guest Services desk at Fair Day mall, ready for many runlist chores from Fara. They pack, tape and carry a mountain of boxes. They cheer when they learn what the next item on the runlist is, pumping their fist in the air.
Emmie: Hi Fara!!
Fara: Good morning, Emmie! I’m so glad you’re here! We have lots of jobs on the runlist today!
Emmie: Hooray~!!
Fair Day Guest Services concierge system. Also a contact point for the local community runlist.]
The runlist fields tasks of all kinds,
especially things humans find tedious or boring.
*work hard work hard*
*hard work hard work*
*Next job*
(Emmie: Ooh! Lucky!!)
Including Emmie’s favourite…
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