Chapter 2 page 68

Morio subtly places a hand on the Guest Services desk panel to transfer data with Fara and obtain information to make his proposal acceptable and highly favourable to Emmie. The latter grows excited at the idea of a second job along with a place to stay. Fara, always smiling, encourages both sides.
Morio: How much does it cost to rent a storage locker? (The cheapest rate for the smallest locker)
Fara: This is our daily rate. (GREAT PRICE!) We have a fantastic monthly special too. (BEST DEAL!) (You save 10%!) 
Morio: We would be sharing my place. Would it be OK to half the monthly rate?
Emmie: (Uhh… maths….) *sweat* That sounds fair…
Morio: I also need to hire part-time help to take care of the house. Do you know of anyone?
Emmie: (!) Me!! (I can do it!!) I’m really really good at shopping groceries and laundry and cleaning and things!! (Fara can tell you!!) (Pick meee)
Fara: They are! Emmie is always helping with those things on the runlist!
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