Chapter 2 page 50

Emmie and Wren welcome Morio to join them on their outing. They cheer when he accepts the invitation, and lead the way hand-in-hand, singing made-up songs.
Emmie: Sooo what are you doing here?
Morio: I like walking in the park. Sometimes I also go to the library nearby.
Emmie: Hey! We’re going to the library too! Wanna come with us?
Morio: Is that all right with you?
Wren: *nodnod*
Morio: Thank you. I’m very happy to join you.
Emmie: Yay! We’re all going to the library!
(Wren: Yaaay)
(Emmie: Library library~~ We’re going to the library~ Where there are lots of books books books~)
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