Chapter 2 page 22

Emmie explains why they are behind in following the series.
Wubao: Emmie … doesn’t watch the show?
Emmie: I’m not there yet! I’m reading the comics first!
(News anchor: The man’s identity is protected by privacy laws)
Sibao: But shouldn’t you be caught up by now? 
(News anchor: He had a letter of reference from the healthcare worker who owned the house that was broken into)
Emmie: I’m on the hold list for the next volume! 
Erbao: Oh. That must take a while.
Sibao: Yeah. Aren’t they always out?
(Emmie: Yeah, they are)
Ibao: Not all of them. (I just checked the system and it says these ones are available)
(News anchor: —requested to be assigned to community service, as well as support programs)
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