Chapter 2 page 20

A show is running on the laundromat screens. Two robots have a conversation. One looks like a vertical rectangle with a horizontal loaf-like rectangle on top of its head; the other resembles an onigiri.
Robot 1: (sigh…)
Robot 2: Hey, what up? You still mooning over that icebox?
Robot 1: You wouldn’t understand, Onigiri… (This feeling…) It’s not something ordinary robots can know… It’s… LOVE~
Onigiri: It’s a freezer. It makes ice cubes. And quit calling me Onigiri. 
(Robot 1: But you look like an onigiri.
Onigiri: *censored* Well YOU look like a bread head!!)
Ibao: What do you mean “what is this”? (We watch this show all the time)
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