Chapter 2 page 19

Emmie demonstrates confidence in Wubao’s ability to clean Ranran.
Emmie: Yeah! It’s very special to me. Can you please help me take good care of it?
Wubao: Yes, Emmie. Wubao will take good care of Ranran.
Gentle processing only… Must be a separate load. That will be 300N, please.
Sanbao: Wubao, Emmie’s a regular. We can clean Ranran for free.
Wubao: Oh! W-Wubao sorry…Wubao not know…
Emmie: IT’S OK!! 
Wubao: !
Emmie: 300N it is! (Taaake iiit) Wubao’s just started and should be paid for this important work!
(Wubao: Th-thank you!
Emmie: Thank you for cleaning Ranran!)
*laundry being sucked into pipes, Emmie pushing Ranran into a pipe that has barely enough circumference to squeeze the stuffed animal in*
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